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One of the ways to make your website a success is having a number of effective on-going internet marketing campaigns. Because of this it is vital to monitor how these individual campaigns are each performing; and not just in terms of the traffic generated and which page a user might visit, but more importantly, if they enter their details into an enquiry form or if the visit converts into a sale.

As part of your Cubik SEO campaign we’ll ensure that analytics is added to your site (if it’s not already). Your account manager will then be able to monitor any activity to your website and will provide regular reports regarding this throughout your campaign.

By generating comprehensive reports, recommendations can be made as to which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t, so you can build your site accordingly.


Web analytics services – what can analytics do for your website?

Cubik uses specialist web measurement tools which allow us to compile a report of your website’s performance. We can give you the essential information you need to formulate future growth strategies enabling your business to go from strength to strength.

The volume of analytics data which can be produced may mean that website owners can waste time analysing non-essential data. As a business owner the way you use the time you have can be essential to your success. At Cubik we can provide you with a measurement report that highlights the positive performance of your site as well as the negative aspects.

The reports we compile will divide marketing activity and visitor information in a number of ways; any observations can be noted and recommendations will be made. These might include major usability problems or customer experience issues as well as tracking the conversions on your site; in particular by looking at the keywords you are optimising for as part of your Cubik campaign.

Some of the observations, key findings and recommendations these might contain include:

  • Time users spend on site
  • Repeat visits & new users
  • Effectiveness of landing pages
  • Navigation paths
  • Referring sources (SEO / PPC/ direct / banner / affiliates etc.)
  • Referring keywords
  • Content areas and usage
  • Visitor and content summaries
  • Conversion path analysis
  • User trends

We can offer a comprehensive reporting service that will allow you to keep track of all the online marketing activity to determine its effectiveness.


Prices for website measurement services are currently between £150 and £500 per month. But this may vary depending on the amount of platforms you want to track, the amount of information you need, whether you need real time or delayed performance reporting, and the number of page views the site receives per month.

We also offer a bespoke system suitable for high-end users who require an enterprise solution.

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