Interact with your visitors, supporters and members. Use blogs and forums to nurture a thriving online community of like-minded people. Keep everyone up to date with newsletters and email alerts.


Use the Forms & Surveys Builder to create feedback forms or surveys that capture valuable information from your visitors. Ask people to vote in online polls, gathering opinions on topical issues. Create educational or fun quizzes that inform or amuse. Publish downloadable photographs following an event or to support your press releases. Offer podcasts with the option to subscribe via iTunes.

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Blogs & forums

Want to express your opinion and stimulate debate? The blog feature enables you to do just that, allowing your website user community to comment on your opinion pieces. Their comments can be reviewed and displayed below your article. Want to provide an environment where your user community can share views and seek mutual support? Our forums can be located in password-protected areas of your site to meet this need.


Build mailing lists from email newsletter signup on your website or other sources and send attractive HTML bulletins containing your latest news.Target content based upon user preferences and monitor the success of your mailings via the inbuilt statistical tools.

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