It’s really important to get users to visit your website, but if a conversion doesn’t happen while they are there it can be very annoying. Cubik can help with this very problem. We can carefully look at your website and utilise our many years of experience in the search industry, ensuring you get the most from your site visitors.


We can analyse the common usability problems that have been documented over our years of experience and we’ll also get people to use the site. Problems we find can be sent to you directly so you’ll be able to view the information we have recorded while people were on the site. You can use this information to help you redesign the site, and not just in terms of how the site looks, but also in terms of how the site works too.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We analyse the journey site users take as they navigate your site’s web pages and then highlight any areas where you see drop-offs and user exits.

We can also closely scrutinise your analytics data so we can find areas of your website where improvements can be made. Using this data we can create alternative pages, which are checked against each other to determine which page performs the best. We find that because of the logical and technical approach taken, improvements to your website conversion rates will soon be seen.


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