Website Designs That Work

The creative team here at Cubik can build and design a website to exacting specifications. If you have a bespoke website it’s what will set your business’ presence apart from your online competitors. And if you have a website that works with the search engines, it’ll give you an instant advantage. BLOGS

We encourage many of our clients to add blogs to their websites so that their online systems keep up to date with Web 2.0 technology. This can be a great way to add pages which are content rich to your site that can benefit both your users and assist with search engine optimisation (SEO). Our content team can even write informative articles or news articles for you.

Website Hosting

Reliable hosting is really important for anyone who owns a website. It’s also important to have a regional domain name, as sites which don’t have ‘’ or ‘.fr’ etc. will not be visible in the filtered results on a regional Google search if the website isn’t hosted in that respective country. Therefore for websites with UK, US or any other location domain names it’s essential that an appropriate host is used. Cubik is able to provide hosting facilities for both Windows and Linux platforms in many world locations.


E-Commerce Solutions

Because online consumers spend more money year-on-year, now is the perfect time to develop your presence on the internet. However this increased level of demand means there is more competition – so how can you make your business stand out?

Cubik’s development team have designed a platform for e-commerce websites which can push your business ahead of your competitors’.

Being based on the osCommerce framework, which is becoming increasingly popular, the e-commerce system Cubik uses has been carefully optimised so natural traffic is driven to your site via the search engines.

Some of the SEO features of using this platform include:

  • Dynamic Google sitemap and product feed
  • Dynamic title and meta information
  • W3C-valid xHTML
  • SEO-friendly URLs

In addition, the Cubik e-commerce platform is designed to be really easy to use so that sales are maximised. The templates we’ve used in the design helps ease of navigation, and the process of checkout has been carefully optimised so it’s easy for users to follow, which increases the prospect of a sale.

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