Content Rules!

The primary reason why Google has become the most powerful search engine operating online is that it makes relevancy the chief priority when providing results for queries. This makes it the most useful and popular search engine out there. If your website is going to sit at the top of Google’s rankings, then it needs to be the most relevant resource for your industry.

In order for Google to be convinced of the relevancy of your site for a given query, your content has to be completely unique and right on topic.

At Cubik, we focus on creating the type of content that makes your site more transparent and useful for your users AND enhances your reputation with search engines. We write with the most up-to-date principles of SEO in mind so each new page adds strength to your site. Every fresh, unique and content-rich page we add represents a powerful new access point to your site for the millions of search engine users out there.

Cubik is an experienced internet content provider, able to add new articles to your website daily to improve its strength. Search engines are more likely to identify your site as an authority if it is regularly updated with relevant and unique content.

Keeping Things Unique

At Cubik, we are adept at generating relevant news articles and general information articles, both of which exhibit the degree of relevancy required to keep the right traffic flowing to your website.

But why does the content need to be unique? It’s quite simple. Google and other search engines penalise those who copy content from elsewhere online, because they treat it as evidence that those sites are not at the cutting edge.

Choosing Cubik to Act as Your Web Content Provider

The principles of SEO do change according to developments in the industry but content remains king throughout. Web content providers provide the following benefits:

Long Tail Searches

Regular approaches to SEO fail to target what’s known as ‘long tail’ traffic – the less generalised queries made by search engine users – but good content has it covered.

Creating a Community

We know that regular articles encourage debate, but they also help to create a community atmosphere around your blog which generates further interaction and reflects well on your brand.

Quicker Indexing

Search engines make a point of indexing news and blog posts at a faster rate than ordinary websites. When you update regularly with regular content, you site is indexed more rapidly and you see better results.

Returning Customers

Internet users are much more likely to visit your site time and time again if they know they will always find something fresh and interesting to read instead of the same stagnant content.

Encouraging Debate

User participation is a really powerful entity. It provides your website with free content that is completely on topic, which is itself indexed by search engines. By posting news and information on your site regularly, you are in a position to generate discussion about relevant subjects.

Promoting Subscriptions

It’s possible to promote subscriptions to your content updates via RSS, but people will only sign up if the content is regular and engaging. Subscriptions ensure interested parties are never out of the loop.

Generating Leads

When your site is full of up-to-date, informative and engaging content surrounding your industry or product range, you are inviting readers to make enquiries and thereby generating leads.

Strengthening Links

By linking to certain pages of your website in the body of your news and information articles, you can reinforce the internal link strength of your site and draw search engines’ attention to other relevant areas.


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