Why Consider Cubik for SEO Copywriting?

The in-house SEO content team at Cubik can provide:

  • Informative articles
  • Related industry news
  • Category pages
  • Product descriptions

We have experience of producing content for nearly every industry, while content services are available in a variety of different European languages.

Does ‘Thin’ or Duplicate Content Feature On Your Website?

As search engines are looking to present useful content which is informative and well-written, if they come across irrelevant, tired or duplicated copy it only stands to reason that these sites will not rank as well.

In the same way, should the category or product pages on a site feature too few words, this gives them little incentive to feature that content in the search results. Check out the pages on the site of any successful online retailer noting how much content they devote to each page.

The content that appears on a site does need to be unique in order for it to rank well. Millions of pages are thrown out of Google’s index each month due to the fact they contain content which is exactly the same or almost a duplication of the information already stored by the search engine.

Smart Idea

How A Site Can Benefit From SEO Content

Search engines are always searching for useful resources and so if a site contains strong, unique and relevant content, it should feature higher in the rankings for a greater number of search terms as a result of this.

Frequently updated content is also beneficial for users too, as they can view the website as a reliable source for obtaining information about a specific industry.

Why Add Fresh Content To A Website?

The SEO copywriting team at Cubik can provide fresh and relevant content of a high standard for your website. This can lead to a number of benefits:

  • Faster indexing
  • Increased long tail search traffic
  • More enquiries
  • Improved internal link strength
  • More repeat visits
  • Attract subscribers
  • The potential to build a community


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