If you need to estimate traffic and research potential keywords, Google AdWords provide a few free-to-use PPC tools which can become an important part of your campaign. These PPC tools may help with new keyword ideas, but the power of any PPC campaign still lies in strong analysis of the industry sector.

Tools To Use


Keyword Tool:


Any potential keywords which you think may help generate traffic to your website can be added to the ‘Word or Phrase’ column of this easy-to-use keyword tool. Clicking ‘Search’ will then generate keywords related to your search query.

Google Insights:


Another good PPC tool is Google Insights, which can be used to compare search patterns across specific regions, time frames, categories and properties. By using Google Insights, you can tweak AdWords campaigns using relevant keyword ideas. It’s also available in 39 languages and gives you the option of downloading data into a spreadsheet. Google Insights can also display a graphical representation of search data with historical results which go back to 2004. This is an excellent PPC tool and is available to use free of charge.


Google Wonder Wheel:


This is an excellent free tool which allows you to view systematic results related to a certain search query. This can allow you to explore relevant search phrases which may be related to the ones you are already searching for.

As you can see from the above image, Google’s Wonder Wheel displays a representation (wheel format) of search terms and keywords. It’s built on a nested structure whereby clicking a certain keyword will reveal another Wonder Wheel which has related keywords and so on. Wonder Wheel is able to be accessed via the ‘More Search Tools’ option which is located to the left hand side of the search query results.

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