We’ll help you talk to your audiences in an appropriate tone, ensure impressive SEO results and retain your investment in existing content.

Consistency of Content

The planning phase will have identified the people we are trying to talk to (audiences) and the way that we should structure the site’s information architecture. This will lead to some conclusions about the language that should be used to ensure that:

We are talking to each audience type in the correct tone of voice.
Throughout the site, we are using a consistent and appropriate vocabulary to describe what we do.

The terms that matter to us from a search engine optimisation (SEO) perspective are being used repeatedly.
This provides the guidelines for any new content that is to be produced or for the modification of existing content that is to be migrated to the new website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Cubik web pages are designed such that meta tags and headings are implemented effectively and are given prominence as the leading search engines crawl your site. By following some simple rules when creating content, you can give your site the best chance of achieving good results within the natural search engine listings.

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