Turning Leads Into Sales

There’s no point having an SEO campaign which focuses on rankings without looking at lead generation. Rankings are of course important, but an internet marketing campaign should also have some emphasis on generating enquiries.

Many websites see lots of traffic via longer search terms which are related to the company’s services. These long tail phrases, which can be three, four, five or more words in length, might not have been specifically targeted, but they will nonetheless account for a huge proportion of the traffic arriving at a website.

Targeting Long Tail Search Terms

People who arrive at your website using long tail search phrases are more likely to translate into sales or leads. This is because people who use longer search terms generally have a more specific need in mind.

At Cubik, when looking specifically at generating leads, we consider the following:


  • Homepage and deep linking
  • Service page optimisation
  • Usability and conversion optimisation
  • Headline keyword optimisation
  • Optimising for long tail search traffic via the addition of relevant blog content
  • Google Places optimisation – if relevant


Every website has specific needs, so a slightly different approach is generally required for each.

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