Be Seen

We know that you need visitors for a successful online business. Without them, there’s no one to visit your website and buy your product or signup for your offer or service. Cubik gives you the tools to ensure that your target audience hears your message.

Search engine optomisation (SEO)

Once you’ve got everything in place, you need people to find your message quickly and easily. Your Cubik site is designed to be as friendly to search engines as to humans, but additional search engine optimisation advice is always available.

Friendly addresses (URLs)

Cubik gives you complete control over the URLs of your pages, so for important pages, make the URLs easy to remember to draw in more visitors. If you have something that you want to promote using a snappy web address (distinct from your standard website address) pages within your Cubik website can be setup to respond to that URL.


Want to catch someone’s eye when they arrive at your home page? Use the Cubik advertising banner to promote events, products or services via a series of advertisements. You decide what each advert says, where it links to, how long it is displayed for and how frequently it is displayed.


Seamless integration with Google Analytics is provided as standard and helps you track just where your visitors’ attentions lie.


Do you want your website to better promote your business, cause, or message? Would you like advice on how best to get your message out there? If so – just get in touch with us.
Cubik gives you the tools to ensure that your target audience hears your message.


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