Why Social Media Should Be Embraced

With Facebook now boasting approximately 600 million users, Twitter an average of 230 million and YouTube becoming the second biggest search engine, the phenomenon known as social media is something that can no longer be ignored.

Social media is being used by millions of people across the globe to communicate with their friends and work colleagues; to make recommendations on products and services; to pose questions, research and review services and much more besides. Businesses deciding to embrace social media will be able to welcome a host of otherwise untapped prospects as well as potential new customers.

Everyone Can Benefit From Our Social Media Package

The social media service provided by Cubik can be tailored to meet the business goals set by your company.

Social Media Strategy

Campaign design and implementation, target audience research, selection, measurement and analysis of tools and reputation management.

Social Media Development

The basic setup and creation of social profiles (on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo etc.), the development of social applications through to creating large scale communities.

Social Media Monitoring

Sentiment analysis, buzz monitoring and the use of leading industry tools.

Social Media Health-Check

Reviewing current strategies and practices.

Social Media Training

Social media engagement techniques, dashboards and monitoring tools.

Social Media Consultancy

A bespoke selection of the services detailed above.

Four Principles To Make Social Media A Sucess


The starting point is to listen, but engagement is where your company will begin to notice the real benefits of this medium. By getting your business involved in some of the many conversations happening in relation to your industry, this opens up an endless number of possibilities. Your reach can be extended, while you can also increase sales and gain recommendations too.


Once your business has become an active participant in the social landscape it is important that you utilise the power of conversation and add value to what you offer. Social commerce can be used to drive sales simply by providing a platform for your customers to be able to review products, answer queries made by other customers and recommend you to the people they know.


In the past a brand was what a business told you it was, but in these times it is now all about what everybody else says it is – this extensive list can include employees, customers, competitors, prospects as well as the rest of the world. Companies now have a real need to see how they are perceived and require the power to be able to change this. Social media is able to offer both.


When it comes to customer service, social media engagement is a valuable tool. In order for businesses to earn the trust of existing and potential customers, they need to see this responsiveness for themselves. People understand that no company is perfect, they just ask you to be alert and attentive. Through social media any issues relating to customer service can be highlighted and addressed straight away.


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