Our SEO For E-Commerce Package

  • Optimisation of all relevant areas of a site
  • Campaign targets for traffic and revenue
  • Home page linking
  • Deeper linking
  • Programming work on standard e-commerce packages
  • Product feeds
  • Conversion and usability analysis

If you want to talk with someone about SEO for your e-commerce site, please call one of our SEO advisors today on 01273 257 212.

What Does SEO For E-Commerce Entail?

E-commerce websites need to be approached in a slightly different way in terms of how SEO is carried out. Instead of targeting only a narrow selection of keywords and services, e-commerce sites should try to target a huge number of keywords. These phrases will relate to products, categories and sub-categories as well as broader terms.

The key phrases chosen are used by our team to build a keyword pyramid. The product keywords at the base of the pyramid are more important in terms of generating sales queries than the small number of headline keywords at the top of the pyramid, which will be targeted by your homepage. This is now a commonly used SEO approach and is frequently adopted by leading online retailers.

We believe that good SEO practice means being commercially aware and not just technically excellent. Because of this, we also conduct a usability and conversion check as part of our standard package.


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