Some elements of SEO are consistent internationally, such as programming – others are not. SEO across different languages and different countries can be problematic unless you have a team in place which can work across a range of markets.

Three of the most difficult areas of any international SEO campaign are foreign language keyword selection, link building across cultural and international borders and competitor analysis in an international business environment.


Foreign Language Keyword Selection

Selecting the right key phrases is critical to successful international SEO because more often than not, the direct translation of a phrase you might be targeting within the UK is not the normal way to speak about that subject within your target country. Because of this, keyword selection needs to be looked at by a native speaker.

Link Building Across Borders

Link building is key to SEO because for a website to have an authoritative, convincing and natural link profile, a large number of its links should come from sites which are geographically and linguistically relevant, as well as being appropriate to the website subject matter.


An International Offering

Cubik is uniquely placed within the European market to offer a comprehensive, international and multilingual SEO proposal. We are part of the Getupdated group of companies, with offices in the UK, Sweden, Ireland, France, Italy and the United States. We have the talent and the language skills required to deliver international SEO to the highest standards.

By combining our international approach with exceptional technical ability, outstanding account management and a proven track record in search, we can deliver the right results for your international SEO campaign.

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