Developing a clear mutual understanding of your audiences, objectives and timescales is fundamental to the success of your project.


Different clients have different starting points for their web development projects. The services detailed below will not be relevant to every project, but indicate the scope of activities that we can undertake to ensure a successful project outcome.

Audience Research

Who is your website indended to serve? There is seldom a single target audience and sometimes audiences will be diverse, meaning that there is a need for distinct content produced in a distinct style for each of your target audiences. There is also the question of what action you want site visitors to take and what their purpose is in visiting the site.

You may know the answers to the questions above and this information will support subsequent phases of the project. However, if you need Cubik to engage with your audiences through surveys and workshops to make sure that your project has clarity of purpose, we are happy to take this on.

Site Structuring

Once we understand the needs of your audiences and your objectives, we can address the question of site structure. We can assess a site visitor’s potential journey through your website, building scenarios for each of the different visitor types. This will tell us:

How to construct the site’s information architecture to deliver an intuitive visitor experience.
The key “calls to action” that should be promoted via the site home page.
The navigation elements that should persist as visitors browse the site.
This information will be used further as part of the design and content creation processes.



We will work with you to understand how the solution is to be configured to meet the needs of your audiences and your organisation. We’ll also assess any requirements that will be met through bespoke development.

Project management

Once all of the elements above are addressed, your project manager can develop a detailed timeline for the project, identifying ownership of critical tasks and project milestones.

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