Before we embark on any project, we do our best to understand our clients thoroughly, their business needs, and brand identity. This is how we know what approaches to use in order to help our clients in Brighton boost their business and improve user experience. When we know you, we are able to make more relevant suggestions that will help solve basic issues. We apply different approaches to enable us achieve this, sometimes in house, and other times with interviews, development meetings, and workshops.

When we audit, we do much more than just run automated bots over your site. We consider everything about what really makes a website awesome, note where yours is not doing well, and determine what actions are needed to fix it. We go the extra mile to find out about your competitors, carrying out a comprehensive analysis to enable us create a unique solution for you, while avoiding your competitors’ mistakes. The entire research process saves us time and really puts things in perspective.

Back-end development

Behind all the magic users see on their screen is the intricate workings and combinations of design, content, structure, and functionality. The back-end is the programming users don’t get to see but is always running in the background, providing undisturbed functionality and delivering information from the database right into the browser.

Comprising the database, server, and server-side applications, the back-end development is the technology that causes the site to function. Our skilled bank-end developers always do a great job, ensuring your website is always running.


Branding helps you build a memorable and sustainable connection, ensuring you stand out from the crowd. At Cubik, we’ll help you create a visual identity that resonates with your core values as a business. Our talented team of hyper creative minds will help you create an unforgettable branding experience and ensure you’re able to engage your customers across every touch point.

Whether your company is marking its anniversary, going through a merger, or changing its target audience, we can get you through a brand refresh or a rebrand. While a brand refresh may involve a subtle addition or slight variation in the brand architecture, a rebrand will get you started almost on a clean slate.

UI design

This stage determines how the user interacts with the site with the aim of maximising usability and user experience. We are not satisfied with your site just looking good, it has to ‘feel’ good too. We’ll take care of the look and feel of your brand across platforms, from tablets and PCs to smart phones and smart watches. The process of turning your project into a remarkable and engaging digital experience is easy with Cubik. We’ll work meticulously on the bits the user will see on their screen, from the navigation and content, to interactive features and calls to action.

Front-end development

It’s not all about having a visually appealing website. An attractive website can hold customers only for so long if it’s not accompanied with a superb user experience. It is essentially about how users interact with your site and the little things like buttons reacting when they should, forms popping up only when the user needs them to, or pages updating without having to completely reload. These are all factored in when we design a smooth and easy experience for your users. At Cubik, our front-end developers are proficient with blending the appropriate code and techniques that combine to make websites a delight to use. Our attention to detail is optimal and we use minimal and clean code where we can.

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