We love social media at Social Buzzing and could talk about our experience in taking social media pages and giving them a much-needed boost all day…but we’d rather show you instead! Without further ado, here is a case study of one of our social media clients, Solent Forts.

The Takeover

We take getting to know a brand very seriously at the beginning of a campaign. We had many chats with Solent Forts about their previous social media strategy and their hopes and aspirations for the brand. It’s important to analyse the tone of voice and the best approach moving forward to best relate with the target audience. Our client briefing form asks all the right questions to put our best foot forward.

Getting Started with The Basics

Every brand has its problems online – if it didn’t we wouldn’t be hired! We aim to improve social media pages immediately, by running a website analysis to assess SEO and the improvements we can make to increase Google ranking. We also optimise all pages to ensure all information is up to date, strategically placed and best practice. For Solent Forts, we ensured all contact information was up to date, aligned the direct messaging services with all advertisements so it was easier for followers to make contact and helped launch a blog for the website to improve SEO and search ranking. We also ensure that the client is present on well-known directories like YELP, Owler, and Bark.

Content Optimisation

We then moved on to assessing content. For Solent Forts, there is a B2B audience and a B2C audience so we strategised the most effective platforms to spread the right messages. Though there was a reasonable reach with most of Solent Forts’ social media posts, there was a distinct lack of engagement, which we improved by increasing more engagement-focused content. We asked for customer’s opinions, their favourite nooks of the hotel and who they would like to treat to increase comments.

The Buzz

Matt Kirkman of Grapefruit Digital SEO agency states: Daily content is important, but engagement is everything. If your followers don’t engage with you on sites such as Twitter, you won’t get sales or bookings. For Solent Forts, we spent time encouraging engagement daily by being present on the social media pages and to post regularly on the likes of Linkedin. We answered customer enquiries round the clock to improve their Facebook response time, actively engaged with and followed our target market and commented on the local hashtags to increase our visibility where it was most important. We better tailored the demographics of our adverts and directed people to the social media platforms by offering exclusive discounts there. As a result, we increased Facebook followers by 840 in just our first month and 250 a month on average thereafter!

Making Connections

Connections are everything for your social media presence. We love connecting bloggers and influencers with brands and Solent Forts was no different. We wanted to increase the bookings over summer for Solent Forts by targeting the surrounding areas, so we invited local bloggers whose followers aligned with our target market and devised a day of fun activities that showcased the unique selling points of the Solent Forts, treated the influencers and provided them time to take all the photos and ask all the questions they needed. Having maintained good relationships with these influencers, they will be working with Solent Forts again on the launch of their spa.


If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a similar social upheaval, be sure to browse our services on our website.

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